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You can put numbers, letters, or even roman numerals at the start of each line with this text tool.

Number System

Add Line Numbers tool comes with three settings.

  • Number - Default setting. It puts labels with numbers at the start of each line. It can take both positive and negative numbers, as well as a starting point of zero (0). One is the default value (1).

  • Roman Numerals - This adds numbers that are represented by combinations of letters from the Latin alphabet. These letters are based on seven symbols: I, V, X, L, C, D, and M. You can toggle the Uppercase switch to change between uppercase and lowercase numbering.

  • Letters - This adds alphabetic labels at the beginning of each line rather than numeric. The sequence and the format uses A1 reference style which is identical to the way text processing tools and spreadsheet programs like Excel would name columns, where 1 is equavalent to A. When the list reaches beyond the 26 character alphabet, it will start repeating letters. AA = 26, AB = 27, AC = 28 and so forth.

Note: When putting in the initial number count in the "Start at" box for Roman Numerals/Letters, you must use the Roman number/letter equivalent. For example, the number 4 is the same as the roman numeral IV and the letter D.

Basic Examples

1. Sample Text
2. Sample Text
3. Sample Text
4. Sample Text
Roman Numerals
I. Sample Text
II. Sample Text
III. Sample Text
IV. Sample Text
A. Sample Text
B. Sample Text
C. Sample Text
D. Sample Text

Sort in Descending Order

If you want to arrange the ordered list from the largest number to the smallest, please use the reverse function in Sort Text tool or use the Reverse List tool.