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What is Text Cleaner?

Text Cleaner is a tool for cleaning and formatting text that can do a lot of complicated tasks. It can get rid of extra spaces and characters you don't want. It can also change the case of letters, convert typography quotes, delete duplicate lines, paragraphs, and words, turn bold and italic unicode letters into regular letters, fix spacing between punctuation marks, remove letter accents, decode character entity codes, unescape and strip HTML tags, turn urls into links, and more. You can also make your own "find and replace" list with this.

It can be changed in many ways. You can change the settings to suit your own tastes. Your customised settings are automatically saved in your browser, so you don't have to change them all over again the next time you come back.

The main purpose of this tool is to "unformat" a formatted text and get rid of any meaningless characters that are often found in text copied directly from word processors, web pages, PDFs, client briefs, and emails. I made this tool for my first job as a data entry clerk, and it helped me do my job better. I hope it helps you too. This web app can be used for free for research, development, and/or business purposes by any person, company, office, or organisation. Please make sure to back up your data. We won't be held legally responsible if your computer loses data while we're working on it.

How to use?

Just copy and paste your text into the box, change the settings below by checking or unchecking the boxes, and click the clean button. In the result box, you should see the version of your text that has been cleaned up. Don't think you'll get what you want? Don't worry, you can go back and click the "Input" tab to start from the beginning. If you press the reset button, both fields will be wiped clean.