Swap Columns


Change the order of two columns in a delimited text. This tool is very helpful if you want to change the order of the items in a single list. It works by splitting the text into columns using the specified delimiter, swapping the columns, and then joining the columns back together.


Change the order from last name, first name, first letter of middle name to first name, first letter of middle name, last name.

Swap column #1 with column #2, delimited by comma followed by space.
Robinson, Kenneth H.
Harris, Martin S.
Walker, Linda A.
Lopez, Sandra K.
Kenneth H., Robinson
Martin S., Harris
Linda A., Walker
Sandra K., Lopez

You can then use Find and Replace Tool to get rid of the comma. Find , and replace with blank.

And then the final result would be
Kenneth H. Robinson
Martin S. Harris
Linda A. Walker
Sandra K. Lopez

Revert Changes

Did you swap the wrong columns or use the wrong delimiter? Don't worry, you can revert the changes by using the undo/redo function under the Edit button.

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